5 Tips To Naturally Strengthen Immune System

Staying healthy refers to being in a state of both mental and physical well-being. Just as a building has guards, our body has an immune system; they play a significant role in staying healthy. Although different health immune systems are present within our body, they are mainly of 4 types. They have different ways of blocking disease-causing elements known as antigens from entering the body.

To explain what can happen when the immune system fails, we can use the Covid-19 pandemic spread. The human race has never faced anything like the coronavirus, so the body’s immune system has no idea how to tackle this. This is the main reason behind the spreading of the disease at such magnitude.

Covid-19 testing led scientists and druggists to know the reason behind the disease and study its characteristic; artificial immunity is created in vaccines. Here we will be enlightening ourselves with the different types of immunity, how the immune system works, and some naturally derived ways of tackling them.

What Is The Immune System, And How Does It Work?

As we got a little idea from the above section, the immune system is a body’s defense mechanism against any external elements. The body’s immune system consists of different components: the white blood cells, also known as leukocytes.

The leukocytes are of three different types, namely phagocytes, lymphocytes, and neutrophils. As the name suggests, phagocytes eat up foreign bodies and destroy them before harming the body. The lymphocytes are also called memory cells as they keep a record of the antigen, so when the antigen enters the body again, they can react very fast, just as it happens with Covid-19 vaccines.

The neutrophil is responsible for fighting off bacteria and is often the main element in allergic reactions. Covid-19 testing helps identify these antigen formations within the body that indicate coronavirus presence in the body. The different types of immune systems present in our body are:

Active Immunity 

This is a type of immunity developed by the body’s immune system without external help. When the antigen enters the body, the immune system studies it and creates antibody that can destroy the antigen. This type of immunity has a longer lifespan as the antibodies constantly keep on generating within the body.

Passive Immunity

In this form of immunity, the immune system works only for a short period as the antibody production stops after a particular duration of time. Passive immunity comes from the mother of a newborn through the placenta and also through breast milk. The effect of these antibodies remains during the infant phase and goes away after that.

Innate Immunity

This is the type of naturally present in the body, and no external element had to be inserted to trigger this kind of immune system. This type of immunity can keep a memory of the different antigens that enter the body and prepare the body for further attacks in the future. It is a more long-lasting and strong form of immunity.

Adaptive Immunity

This kind of immunity is something that is acquired artificially, primarily through vaccinations. Covid 19 called for urgent care where everyone could fight the disease with vaccinations, a type of adaptive immunity. The antibodies are readily available in the vaccine, and the effect is observed instantly.

Ways To Naturally Strengthen The Immune System

Dieticians and immunology experts give different suggestions. After thorough research of the other things that have been advised by other people the following is a list of the 5 most popular tips 

Stay hydrated

As we know, the human body is 70% percent water, and it does a little more than quench thirst. Water flows into the lymph, which is responsible for circulating the infection-fighting cells all over the body. It also provides a lot of energy and helps in maintaining the salinity level of the body.

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet means a nutritious diet where all the major and minor vitamins and minerals are present. Milk is the best part of any diet as it consists of all essential minerals. Fruits and vegetables also play a significant role in improving the strength of the immune system.

Get sleep

Adequate rest is essential for the proper functioning of the body’s metabolic system. In addition, it allows the creation of more antibodies which makes the body prepared for any antigen attack. It is also a great way of curing allergic reactions that might happen in many individuals.

Stay active

Indulging yourself in physical activities regularly is an excellent way of staying healthy and keeping away ailments like obesity and diabetes. Half an hour of exercise daily is more than enough to stay healthy. Daily activity also reduces inflammation and encourages immunity growth.

Don’t smoke

Smoking has deadly long-term effects like lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. But it also has short-term effects like nicotine affects the brain to work slower than it normally does, and different bodily functions become dependent on nicotine indulgence. It also increases the chances of being affected by diseases like pneumonia, and the degraded condition of the lungs can lead to more damages.


As we got to know throughout this article, the immune system is a barricade that protects our body from catching diseases. The body has some of the immunity from birth, but there are vaccinations that can induce advanced immunity systems in the body to deal with new kinds of diseases. Apart from these, there are specific natural ways that you can adopt as a daily habit to improve your body’s immunity. Urgent Care Texas suggest healthy practices like regular exercise and a proper diet are enough to make your body prone to some major diseases.


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