IV Therapy Vs Oral Supplements: Which One is Better

Most of us are aware of the critical roles of different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in our bodies. Our bodies must get adequate essential nutrients to ensure that the body can function optimally. However, there are certain cases when we have to supplement our bodies with those essential nutrients to ensure that everything is restored to normal.

There are two different ways to deliver those supplements to our bodies where there is the conventional way to get our nutrients through the oral route. The unconventional yet more effective way is intravenous (IV) therapy used to deliver the nutrients right into our bloodstream. But which is better? Let us find out.

What Is IV Therapy?

Intravenous therapy, commonly known as IV therapy, is a process of delivering required nutrients to our bodies by injecting them directly into the veins. Almost every modern medical facility in the world leverages this technique IV antibiotics therapy to treat the non-hospitalized patients with different health conditions.

IV therapy comes in handy for patients who cannot consume their nutrients or medications orally, as using this approach, one can inject the nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This makes it far more effective than consuming the medication orally.

Best primary care doctors in Arlington Texas leverage this approach to deliver potent dosages of minerals, vitamins, medications, amino acids, antioxidants, and other necessary nutrients. Delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream makes the outcomes visible almost instantly.

Difference Between IV therapy And Oral Supplements

As we already know, both IV therapy and oral supplements share the same objective: to deliver appropriate nutrients to our bodies without compromising efficacy. However, both approaches are far more distinct from each other than one might expect. The primary and most obvious difference is the way nutrients are delivered to the body.

Oral supplements are consumed orally in the form of liquids, tablets, and even capsules, and all one needs to do is simply swallow the supplements. On the contrary, in IV therapy, the nutrients are delivered to the body using needles injected into our veins, enabling the nutrients to go straight to our bloodstream. This way, one can ensure that the nutrients are absorbed by the body appropriately.

Why Choose IV Therapy Over Oral Supplements?

Absorption – When it comes to IV therapy vs. oral supplements, there is no shortage of arguments. However, let us begin with the most fundamental basis of the debate on absorption. Certain oral supplements can pass through our bodies without the body absorbing any of the nutrients, and also, specific vitamins can disrupt the absorption process when taken together.

However, that is something that we do not have to worry about when using IV therapy because this approach ensures that our bodies can absorb cent percent of all nutrients delivered to the body, no matter how big or small the dosage might be. The effectiveness offered by IV therapy makes it a quick fix for a hangover, jet lag, and even cold, as seen in many cases.

Avoiding The Potential Side Effects Of Oral Supplements

We are already aware that oral supplements must be consumed orally, meaning that whatever we consume must travel through our entire digestive system. As these medications are available in many different shapes and sizes, this increases the chances of irritating different parts of the digestive tract.

For insurance, specific vitamins could mess with acid reflux disease, while other oral supplements can end up upsetting our stomach entirely. One of the most common side effects of oral supplements is irritation in the stomach lining. With IV therapy, one is not required to aggravate their digestive system irritating the stomach lining while getting all the needed nutrients with far more efficacy.

Customized Treatment

Different bodies have their own unique needs and requirements for treating any health condition. This often means that doctors have to customize their treatment to meet the specific requirements of the body. However, that is not possible with the conventional oral supplement.

Still, with IV therapy, one can seamlessly tailor the ideal combination of the right medication, fluids, and nutrients to address the specific health requirements of the body. Interestingly, there are certain scenarios where doctors use the combination of both IV therapy and oral supplements to deliver the right nutrients or medications to the body.

Enhanced Hydration From The Inside

It is no secret that fluids are the foundation of any drip. Apart from being an efficient way to deliver nutrients, IV therapy can hydrate our bodies far more efficiently than one can achieve simply by drinking water. There are two different types of liquids used in IV therapy where the first is saline, and the second is lactated ringers.

Saline is a blend of salt and water that must have the same contraction of salt as present in our bodies. The other is lactated ringers made of potassium chloride, sodium lactate, sodium chloride, and calcium chloride. In general, most IV therapies use lactated ringers, but the doctors might change this based on what is needed at the moment.

No Need To Swallow Pills Anymore

Getting our kids to swallow pills can be a challenging task to accomplish. But to think of it, nobody enjoys gulping down a considerable pill down our throats. A recent study suggests that almost 40% of Americans find it challenging to swallow pills no matter their size.

Things are made further worse with most supplements coming in huge hard-to-swallow-sized pills. However, IV therapy can help one get their nutrients without having to eat any pills. We need to search for IV drip therapy near me and get our nutrients with ease.

Which Is Better?

With all the information and knowledge gained about IV therapy and oral supplements, it is safe to say that IV therapy is a better alternative for delivering the proper nutrients to our bodies. However, that is not to say that there is no exception because specific individuals might not prefer getting injected with nutrients. Therefore, the best thing to do is consult the doctors for urgent care and seek their expertise on the matter.

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