Summer Health Tips

Summertime is usually a fun time, as we go on family vacations and excursions. But the intense heat can make people lazy all day long. Scorching sun depreciates body water level and can bring on seasonal mishaps like sunstroke, severe dehydration, and more.

Extensive care is mandatory during the summer. Keeping them indoors is not possible if you have small kids, so giving proper nutrition to combat heat effects is the smartest thing to do. If any of your family members or people near you get sunstroke, refer to urgent care immediately. Here are some practical tips to keep your family happy and healthy during the peak of the sun.

How to protect kids from summer heat?

  • The sun rays are intense from 10 am to 4 pm; try to keep your child indoors or else apply sunscreen every time they step out.
  • Applying sunscreen just once won’t work; reapply it every 2 hours to protect skin from UV rays. Dress up your little one with cotton garments that are full-sleeve and cover their head with a cap. Buy them eye gear with sun protection.
  • Make sure they consume enough fluids to keep them hydrated. Water is the best drink.
  • Don’t let your kid play outdoors when the humid level is high.

Some common tips to cool off the summer heat

Summers are intense, from rashes to dehydration leading to jaundice complicates one’s health. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe and thriving, follow specific summer rules strictly like drinking plenty of water, carrying caps or umbrellas while going outside, and more. Here are some more tips to make your summer carefree and healthy.

Eat greens to avoid food poisoning

Summer usually brings endless problems like food poisoning. It is common in kids and teens who often love junk food from roadside trucks. If you are taking your kid outside to eat, make sure to use a sanitizer or try to wash their hand before eating anything.

Try to convince them to eat more greens and fruits like watermelon, cucumber, leafy vegetables, beetroot, and asparagus. Clean the vegetables twice before using and sterilize the utensils you use for preparation to kill unwanted bacteria and germs.

Also, make sure everything you store is in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate perishable items and consume them within the expiration date. If anyone near you is experiencing symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea with jitters, consult primary care immediately to manage symptoms.

Keep distance from bugs

Summer outdoor activities are indeed fun, from hiking to forest camping; outdoors during summer are prone to bugs and Insects that can cause severe skin imitation with swelling and painful sessions. If you are planning a trip to Wood’s this summer, make sure to carry specific insecticides and insect repellent ointments to be safe while you enjoy the outdoor breeze.

  • Some common safety measures
  • Install door sweeps
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink for long
  • Use more natural insect repellent
  • Fine mesh screen installation in the window
  • Repair every visible gap
  • Spray chemical repellent near AC and dryer vents, window frames, and plumbing pipes

Stay away from allergies and infections

Summer is the season of skin rashes and allergies. So, added prevention is better to stay safe and rash-free all summer. To remain safe, you can use some home remedies and wear full-sleeves. Even some garden weeds during summer can Incite skin allergies.

Start eating raw cloves of garlic to build immunity against deadly germs and bacteria. For the common cold try ginger, honey, tulsi, and make tea like a hot drink.

Always wear light colors and full sleeves that help to prevent your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. UV rays bum your skin causing severe tanning. Excessive exposure can lead to premature skin aging. You can also see some signs like liver spots, actinic keratosis, solar elastosis, and even leathery skin.

Cotton fabric is ideal for summers as it can soak a lot of sweat, keeping you dry. But try to change into fresh clothes as soon as you reach home. Clean them with liquid detergent and germ-killing fabric softener.

Bathing is the key to summer

Taking a bath every day is pivotal in summer for both adults and children. If you’re residing in areas with intense heat and hot waves, consider taking a bath 2 times. This helps in lowering body heat and for kids, you can organize bath parties besides the pool, a fun way to keep them engaged. Plus, swimming has multiple health benefits, it keeps you fit and hydrated. This workout is best if you want to shed some pounds this summer for your all-new spring look.

Find shade wherever you go

Scorching heat during summer is common. Whether you are walking or parking your vehicle or waiting for your cab or a friend, find a shade. Do not wait or walk for a long time during peak heat times it dehydrates the body and in some cases leads to fatal sunstroke.

Best to carry an umbrella wherever you go, and use it whenever you step out. This helps to restrict direct sun heat and also saves from extreme tanning. Share this tip with all your close ones to help them tolerate the heat.

Do not step out without sun-protected eye gears

Last but not the least, sun-protective gears are vital if you are stepping out. Sunglasses are an essential fashion staple and are also helpful to keep your eyes safe from direct sun rays. But ensure the brand of the sunglasses, plastic won’t work. Make sure you get UV-protected sunglasses or make your working glass photochromic. Amazing isn’t it!


Staying hydrated is the key! If you are drinking enough fluids every day, you will glow and your body can function properly. Eat plenty of greens and seasonal fruits to keep you fit and enjoy natural flavors. If you ever feel sick or anyone else near you got sun jitters, consult urgent care and stay safe this summer.

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