Takeaway Tips For Accelerated Post Covid Recovery

The biggest challenge that the world has been facing today is the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. This deadly disease has not only been a threat to public health but also prompted a recession in the global economy.

The Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the countries since its advent in 2020. If one has contracted Covid- 19, the individual might not only be worried about themselves but also others with whom they live or have recently came in contact.

Despite substantial research and a plethora of data available about this disease, we are not entirely acquainted with this new disease and are learning more about this disease, every passing day.

However, recovery from Coronavirus usually takes up to two weeks but, with a severe infection, it can take up to a month or maybe even longer. The road to recovery might be long and complicated and can even have adverse psychological effects on the patient’s mind.

Here, we have listed a few takeaways for an accelerated post covid recovery. Keep reading to have a complete idea for a post covid recovery!

Tips for Post Covid Recovery

During the aftermath, one can witness fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, headaches along with diminished cognitive abilities like lack of memory recall, concentration and recognition, and brain fog. While these side-effects might disappear within some weeks for a few, for some it can last for a more extended period, affecting your daily life. Here areĀ  tips to help you out:

1. Give time to yourself

You might face difficulty getting back to your everyday life after being affected by the disease. It’s essential that you give your mind and body some time to recuperate and do not put too much stress to get back to the old routine. Further, one might face memory and concentration issues during the aftermath.

2. Indulge yourself in some brain exercises

Get yourself involved in various exercises such as puzzles, reading, number games, and word games that will stimulate your brain. Do not challenge yourself at once with exercises that are not achievable. Start with small steps and increase gradually.

3. Push yourself harder

If you are missing out on your daily activities due to brain fog, make lists, put alarms and reminders. They will help you gradually resume your old lifestyle. You can make a routine to control yourself and prompt yourself to get back to the old life.

4. Work out

While breathlessness and fatigue might make exercises difficult but, gradually, bringing them back to your daily life will make your body stronger. Exercise daily for a certain period to keep yourself active.

5. Break it into smaller steps

Lack of memory and concentration can make it troublesome to remember complicated actions. For your convenience, break down the steps and take one step at a time.

6. Do not rush

The aftermath of Covid-19 is harrowing but, rushing your body and mind will not be of any help. Restlessness is common during these times but, you need to slow down. Take your time or consult a specialist for help.

7. Do not hesitate to take help

Your closed ones can be of immense help during such times. Let your friends and family help you out in memory and concentration games and make the recovery process easier for you.

8. Do not miss your Vitamins

Even if you have recovered from Coronavirus, do not stop your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. They will aid in faster recovery and keep your body healthy.

9. Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet will keep your body shielded from further infections. Enrich your diet with vitamins or mineral supplements if needed. Eating healthy can pace up the process of recovery and, you will gain your strength faster.

10. Taking rest is vital

Even after your recovery, doctors suggest that you take rest for another 7 days and keep yourself isolated. The virus may still be in your body, so; it is advisable to keep yourself another week’s time for healing completely. Give yourself enough sleep and, do not try to get back to your old lifestyle immediately.

Keep a Check on your Health

This new virus can have long-term effects on your health. So watch out for symptoms, such as shortness of breath and tightness in the chest, because they might be a sign of severe heart and lung disease. Immediately consult a doctor if you face such problems.
This nasty microbe can cause severe damage to your heart and especially your respiratory organs. Our body faces weakness after battling this dangerous disease, and hence, post covid care is essential. Shower your body with utmost love and care to ensure complete healing. You might feel weak and drained during this time, but make sure to take the right action at the right time to keep your health in check.
  • Covid-19 Symptoms – One can have difficulty detecting whether he or she has Covid-19 because this virus affects people differently. Some common symptoms of the virus are fever, dry cough, chills, and tiredness, there are other minor symptoms such as sore throat, headache, loss of taste, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, and fatigue, among others. Going for Covid-19 testing is the best way to detect the presence of any virus in your body.
  • Covid-19 Testing – A Covid-19 testing is probably the most reliable and authentic diagnosis to detect the presence of a virus in your body. A Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR detects genetic material such as a virus in a specific organ. Global healthcare systems are currently using the PCR test as a test for Covid-19. If the results are positive, you are likely to have Covid-19.


While we know that the new Coronavirus rapidly spreads from one person to another, it is vital to lessen the contraction by taking proper precautions and staying protected. It might take a person with mild symptoms 5-6 days to recover, but it can even last up to a month or more in case of serious illness.
Ensure proper safety by mask care and maintaining physical distancing; stay at home and wash and hands often with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer. Do not let the life-threatening disease affect you and your loved ones! Get in touch with us for any queries.

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